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We are birthing Homo Luminous!!

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Flickr:  Daz71

Flickr: Daz71

I’ve been writing a good bit about the intense energies unfolding right now and I want to make sure we don’t lose sight of what they are all about.  They are the impetus for birthing a new species of human, Homo Luminous, that is the new YOU!

 I know many of us are feeling pretty uncomfortable right now and I want to point out that because of the nature of human beings, this is the only way to create the extreme changes that must happen if we are to evolve in to new humans.  Truly, how do you make changes?  Do you change your behavior because you think it is a good idea, you’d be happier or it would be good for you???? Well, you’d like to I am sure. But truth is, most humans change when things are so uncomfortable that change is the only option left.   So that is what is going on right now.  Our soul intention is to become the new human (or we would not be on the planet right now) so spirit, the universe, powers that be, whatever you call it is helping us to achieve our intention.

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Planetary Dance Causing Consciousness Shift

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from Chadisalem

Flickr: from Chadisalem

I am sure you have noticed that you life is shifting quickly now – shaking and moving in an intense way. In my last post, I wrote about the higher vibrational energies flooding the Earth bringing a New Consciousness and birthing a new human, homo luminous

These energies are originating from various sources.  The galactic center, the world tree, and the photon band, a very high vibrational band of energy through which our solar system is now passing, are all sources of these higher energies. In my earlier post about the Galactic Alignment, you can read John Major Jenkins’s ideas concerning the energies flowing from the galactic center. In the Great World Ages about Carl Calleman’s work, you can find out about waves of energy flowing from the World Tree which is actually located on the Earth. Calleman wrote a comment on that post to further explain how the world tree works and how we are all in resonance with it.  

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Savor the Flavors of Gaia’s Time

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from Kenny Shackleford

from Kenny Shackleford

All time is not the same. Each moment has its own flavor, own essence, own subtle nuance. We’ve not been taught that.  We see time as made up of days consisting of 24 hours with 1440 minutes to be used, planned, saved, wasted, etc.

But if the Earth is an alive sentient being, known as the Gaia Principle,  then she is giving out vibes and living essences. And if the universe is an alive sentient being  and populated by planets, stars, and galaxies, then it easily follows that these alive beings are vibrating or giving off energies.  As these huge beings do their cosmic dance, their vibes mix and mingle to flavor the Earth’s energy field or matrix.  Both of these concepts are covered in my article Five Foundation Principles of the Awakening Shift.

So we end up living in an energy soup whose flavor is a result of the energy flows in our universe.   Gaia offers us many different daily  flavors to savor, but most of us go along assuming each day is the same as the one before, never recognizing the flavor of the day.   What if each day had its own unique characteristics that lends it to certain activities more than others? What if some days are better for artistic pursuits and other days are better for left brain logic? What if the energy of each day expressed as a color?

Part of the awakening shift  is shifting our perception of time.  At present,  our consciousness simply has not developed enough to notice these subtles of time. However as the human race evolves into a new species, there are those with special abilities that can do this.  Daniel Tammet, an autistic savant, in his book Born on a Blue Day describes how he sees each day of the week as a different color. He was born on Wednesday and he sees the energy of Wednesday as blue.  Daniel is a barometer for what is to come as humanity evolves.  

Daniel’s  brain clearly is wired in an unusual manner. He was able to recite pi from memory to 22,514 digits (took five hours and nine minutes) because he sees numbers as having a unique shape, color, texture and feel.  Daniel is a part of the group of new beings (often referred to as the new children) who have been  born in recent years with more  evolved brains. They  are forerunners of the new species, homo luminous.  These special beings may be able to sense and feel the flavors of time while most of us will need to develop that ability.

A good place to start is to look at time through the eyes of astrology. It is a system that explains the flavors or time that are created, as the planets and stars do their cosmic dance. Astrology can point to times of greater creativity and times that are bettered used for left brain logic.  It is the most accurate system we have at this time to decipher the various flavors of the day. 

A main focus of this blog is to supply information that will help you prepare for 2012. So here is another way – begin tuning into the invisible world of time and experience its  organic nature. One of the biggest shifts that will happen as we move toward 2012 is our experience of time. Eventually,  we will move beyond time and live constantly in the now.  Will it be the end of clocks and calendars? What do you think?  What is your experience of time?

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Awaken to the Awakening Shift!

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That’s my invitation to you – awaken to the awakening shift!  And that’s why I have created this blog – to provide support, information, and tools to help you do just that.

With the 2012 movie having just been released, lots of folks are beginning to wonder what the real truth is about 2012. I say it is a deep and profound awakening in our consciousness that is causing a shift in how we experience our world.  I have coined the term “Awakening Shift” to describe this awakening movement in consciousness that is creating a shift in our lives.

So in this first post, I’ll give a couple of examples of how we are waking up. But first, I want to define what I mean when I say consciousness. I am referring to our level of awareness, how attuned we are to all that is unfolding in our world- externally and internally.  If we look at world history, we can see that we have been a pretty numbed out.  Certainly, aware beings would not do to each other and the Earth what we have done.

But now, our race is waking up. In fact, we are waking up so much that, I believe, we are evolving into a new species.  Several scholars subscribe to this theory and have suggested names for the new “us”.  Homo spiritus is the name given by David Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. to beings who are awake and vibrating at a high level according to a consciousness scale he has developed.  Alberto Villoldo, anthropologist and shaman has labeled it homo luminous to indicate that we are becoming beings whose energy fields are luminous. And Barbara Hand Clow, Cherokee elder and writer, calls the new human homo pacem, to indicate we are becoming a species focused on peace.

Another sign that we are coming out of our stupor is we are waking up to the needs of the planet as shown by the huge “green movement” now afoot. We are saying, “Ah, we are all in this together.  Either we all survive, or no one survives.”

I invite you to go one step farther…. beyond the Green Movement and begin to look at the Earth as a living, sentient being. This is known as the “Gaia Principle.”  Many indigenous people refer to the Earth as our Mother, indicating that she is an alive being who provides us with our physical needs to sustain life.  In South America she is referred to as Pachamama meaning Mother Earth.

What I am saying is that the earth is not just a big hunk of rock and dirt whirling around the Sun. It is alive and has an awareness and consciousness, one that our human minds may not be able to comprehend.  Opens another can of worms, though. If the Earth is alive, so is Mars, Venus, Jupiter and all the other planets…and the sun and the stars! We live in a universe of alive sentient beings that are expressing as stars and galaxies. How mind stretching is that!

So in this first post, I want to introduce these two concepts.  We are evolving into a new species and we live on an alive sentient being. I know this isn’t news to many of you, but for others these concepts may occur as way outside of your comfort zone.   However, the only way to wake up is to stretch ourselves out of our old way of thinking. So, I invite you to visit my blog often and leave comments so I can know what other questions have arisen out of my posts.

These are two of what I call my foundation principles that I suggest you will need to embrace to be able to align with the new energies and flourish on our New Earth. I have written an article entitled Five Foundation Principles of the Awakening Shift to explain these five principles. You can access it under articles.

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