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Calm the Storm Within

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Flickr: NASA

Why do we have a huge hybrid storm on the east coast of our country??? Is it possible that this huge chaotic storm represents the collective consciousness of the United States at this time?  It is not much of a stretch to see that this is true. Look at your very own self and see what is going on within you around the election and all the issues associated with it.  Do you have definite ideas about the candidates, gay marriage, abortion rights, the economy, and on it goes.  I do and they are not always peaceful. Within me there is a storm going on.

We all know that everything is energy, including our thoughts. We also know that we lived in a big energy field, the unified field, where we are all connected. All of these connected thoughts of chaos and unrest in each of us added together create the mass consciousness.

When we combine my storm with your storm and millions of other storms, it is easy to see how there is megawatts of energy whirling around in the mass consciousness and the noopshere (mind of mother earth). I believe that this huge amount of energy is expressing in the form of a chaotic storm as a way to cleanse the intensity of the emotions from the energy field of Gaia, our Mother Earth.

If we do believe we co-create our reality, then as each of us calms our own storm, there would be no energy to feed the storm.

This is a time of a great consciousness shift happening on this planet.  And more than ever we are express our god selves very powerfully.  As more light comes in, more shadow comes up. The intensity of this election is just an expression of a dance between the dark and the light so we can wake up to own truth.

So what can we do to deal with the storm?

  1. Calm our own storm within!!!!
  2. Send prayers and light to the storm to calm it.  The Heartmath Institute has done lots of studies that show when many people focus with love on an outcome that the energy field of the earth actually changes
  3. And finally if you are inclined to talk to the trees as I am, use this information from Cooperative Biobalance and Tree Whispering.

We are all in this together on our beloved Mother Earth. We are all One!

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Use Astrology to Create the Life of Your Dreams

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Flickr: sent4_777

We are living in a time of huge change, of a consciousness shift. The outer planets – Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are bringing great energies of change and transformation to assist us with the shift. By becoming aware of these energies, we can use them as tailwinds to transform our lives.  They are perfect to help us move forward in creating the life of our dreams.

Breakdowns for Breakthroughs

Pluto – the Great Transformer squares Uranus – the Great Awakener. As these two energies meet, they force issues to the surface to be dealt with and resolved.  This energy is available throughout the whole year, but will peak on June 24 and September 19.  Use this energy:

  • To release old habits that have been difficult to release and that no longer serve you
  • To express your authentic self
  • Break away from the norm and make new beginnings

Dream the New, Dissolve the Old

Neptune, the planet of creativity, dreaming, spirituality, oneness, and unconditional love entered the sign of Pisces on February 3rd and will stay there until 2025. Pisces is the sign of spirituality, intuition, unconditional love and high creativity. Use this energy to:

  • Dissolve old attitudes, habits and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Imagine, visualize, dream your new goals
  • Do forgiveness work – use Radical Forgiveness or H’oponopono – to clear a space for your new goals to manifest
  • Begin a meditation practice to support getting into a relaxed state to visualize your goals

Manifest the Life of Your Dream

A Great Triangle has formed in the sky between Jupiter, Mars and Pluto giving us harmony and flow as a tail wind so that manifesting is easier. The great triangle began in January and will end in June. Use this energy to:

  • To set goals and get organized
  • To bring the goals into being

Celebrate Abundance and Love

Venus is moving across the face of the Sun on June 5 & 6. This brings the energy of Love (Venus) and light (Sun) together to express as unconditional love and oneness. Do a ceremony on that day to celebrate the love, light, and abundance in your life.

We have very powerful astrological energies this year that can assist us to shift our consciousness in to a higher vibration to match the New Consciousness on the New Earth. Learning about them and using them consciously is a great way to live in the flow.

For you who live here in Tampa, you may want to connect with The New Beginnings Oneness Center to meet with like minded people for celebration and support in moving into the New Consciousness. This is where I go on Sunday morning for upliftement, plus I speak there occasionally and lead ceremonies to celebrate special astrological alignments. You will also find many articles on their site speaking to the shift we are going through.  I find surrounding myself with like minded people is a great way to make my life’s journey easier.

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July Eclipse Brings Evolutionary Expansion

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photobucket.com by ab11792

On July 1 at 4:54 am EDT, the third of a trio of eclipses will occur. This potent solar eclipse happens in the zodiac sign of Cancer and is the most powerful of the three. It embodies uniqueness, newness, and urgency for evolutionary change. Surely you have been feeling the intense energies this month and hopefully have been doing the ceremonies I suggested to reap the benefits of these energies.  If you want an overview of the eclipses read Eclipses: Doorway to Higher Consciousness.

New Saros Cycle

This solar eclipse is quite unusual as it is the very first eclipse of a family of 72 eclipses that will take 1200 years to complete.  Every 18 years, an eclipse associated with this “mother” eclipse will occur. The series, know as a Saros Cycle, will end in 3237. This new series is number 156 according to the van den Bergh naming system (astronomy) and 13 New South according to the Jansky naming system (astrology). Birthing of a new Saros cycle is certainly symbolic of a huge new beginning.

Evolutionary Grand Square

During this eclipse a special geometric configuration called a Grand Square will occur.  This simply means that three other planets will lend their dynamic energies to the sun and moon forming a square in the sky.   The helping planets are: Uranus, shaking us out of the old rut into a new beginning, Saturn, giving us the discipline to more forward into a new paradigm and Pluto, helping us to evaporate our fears and own our power.  The primal energies of this eclipse support huge endeavors and extraordinary achievement or change.  The theme of this powerful solar eclipse is a complete transformation in some area of our life.

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Riding the Eclipse Tailwinds

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The June 15th Lunar Eclipse marks the middle of the summer eclipse series. We are in a month of intense energies from eclipses, the summer solstice and the Mayan Calendar.  Eclipses serve as portals or doorways to higher consciousness so we have a golden opportunity to increase our vibration. You may have noticed how fast your life seems to be moving. Changes that used to take years or months are now happening in weeks or days.

So if you want to get on this train and ride, a good way to do this is through ceremony.  My last post, Celebrating Summer Eclipses, shows you how to prepare for an eclipse ceremony.  Anyone can perform a ceremony. It is not just for spiritual leaders.  I encourage everyone to do one as a way of reconnecting with nature, the sacred and the magical flows of energy that are now bathing the earth.
Eclipse Theme
Have your ceremony mirror the energies of the eclipse. This will create a more profound connection. So what exactly are the energies of this eclipse? It happens in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which deals with expansion, seeing the big picture, and questing for a higher truth.  The Galactic Center, which is even more expansive, is located in Sagittarius very close to this eclipse so again we are being stretched to see a much bigger picture than our human mind has been able to in the past.  The theme of this eclipse is to replace old beliefs with a much bigger picture. To read more about the meaning of the three summer eclipses see Eclipses: Doorway to Higher Consciousness.
Using what you learned about setting up altars from my last post, choose a beautiful scarf or cloth napkin for an altar cloth.  Choose purples, gold or fiery colors to create a feeling of expansion and upliftment.  Candles will increase the fiery energies. Whimsical items bring in happy, joyful feelings. Be outrageous.  Create a happy altar.
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Celebrating Eclipse Energies

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There is a very powerful dance of the planets unfolding in the sky this month. This dance, which involves three eclipses and the summer solstice, creates potent energies that can be used to change and transform your life. To read more about these energies see Eclipses: Doorway to Higher Consciousness.  Using them with awareness is a huge gift to you and the planet. As you use these energies to shift and transform your life, you support the transformation of the New Earth.

I have found that ceremonies are an effective way to attune to the eclipse and summer solstice energies. See New Earth: Calendars & Seasonal Cycles to learn more about the summer solstice.  To read about a very usual summer solstice celebration in Seattle see New Earth Summer Solstice Celebration Ceremonies are a way to return the sacred to our lives. They bring cleansing, celebration, and realignment as we move through life transitions. They open us to the rhythms of nature, to our intuition and center us in the now. They satisfy an inner longing for ritual and connection to each other and the Earth.

Everyone can perform their own ceremony. It does not require a spiritual leader or special talents. It simply involves opening your heart and mind to what is present.

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Eclipses: Doorway to Higher Consciousness

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flickr: bomobob

We have a power packed eclipse series happening this month. It is an opportunity to step into higher consciousness and to create a New Earth.   Normally we would have just two eclipses at a time but this summer there are three. The normal pattern is one solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse that occur 2 weeks apart. The extra solar eclipse creates a four week period of powerful energies for making significant life changes.  All of this is coupled with the last wave of the Mayan Calendar, which causes us to feel as if time is speeding. The summer solstice on June 21 occurs also in this month adding to the intense energies.

A Solar eclipse happens when the moon lines up with the sun in the sky.  As the moon comes between the sun and the Earth it disrupts the flow of energies streaming from the sun.  Light encodes information and this disruption creates a reboot or reorganization in our consciousness. Often with Solar Eclipses, we experience new beginnings.

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Want Change? Got Eclipses!

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Flickr: Steve Roe

Flickr: Steve Roe

 Have you noticed how strong the energies for change are right now?  We are in a two week period that is hemmed in by a lunar eclipse (June 25) and a solar eclipse (July 11).  Between these two eclipses is a period of intensified energy.  The powerful eclipse energies combined with the rare dance of three outer planets see Planetary Dance Causing Consciousness Shift is really amping up the energies out there.

Spawning Eureka’s

It’s an opportunity to experience two benefits. The first one is the ability to have amazing Eureka’s and ah-ha’s right on the spot.  Your intuition, creativity and understanding are so expanded that you can have spontaneous insights about things you have pondered for years. Wow! That has been happening for me since the first eclipse.  Just this morning I had a Eureka about how things manifest. Now, I have understood and worked with these principles for years, but today it all fell together in one big overview picture… with tips even, on how to steer around obstacles.

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A New Earth Paradigm: No More Guru’s

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Flickr: from NitaJoy

Flickr: from NitaJoy

Have you noticed how your psychic abilities seem to be sharper and how out of nowhere you have flashes of knowing? And is this surprising or even a little unsettling when you just “know” things about people, maybe even things you’d prefer not to know? And have you had premonitions or dreams that have come true? This may feel a little uncomfortable and you may be wondering what happened to the old you that you could count on to know how life would look each day. This is all part of the natural evolution that is happening as you evolve into a new kind of human.

As we move toward 2012, and especially this summer, our vibrations rise and we embody more traits of the new human, homo luminous.  One of these traits is our natural intuitive and psychic abilities. We begin to realize what awesome beings we are – that we have our own answers right inside in the form of wisdom and inner knowing. As the New Earth births, we will become more and more dependent on ourselves for the answers – NO MORE GURUS!!

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The Earth Laughs in Flowers

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Flickr: from Thai Jasmine

Flickr: from Thai Jasmine

As we move toward next week now is a good time to begin to prepare for the special energies headed our way on Monday, June 21, when the summer solstice occurs. This is one of Gaia’s seasonal cycles and honoring the cycles of the Earth is one way to acknowledge her aliveness and becoming more in sync with her.  More than any other time in history we are being called by Gaia’s spirit to acknowledge her aliveness.

Summer Solstice

As the Earth moves through her seasonal cycles, she expresses a certain energy that relates to that part of the cycle.   In New Earth: Calendars & Seasonal Cycles, I compare the four seasonal starting points to the cycles of a plant’s growth. The summer solstice represents the peaking of the cycle which the plants express as bursting forth with flowers.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best – the Earth laughs in flowers.

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We are birthing Homo Luminous!!

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Flickr:  Daz71

Flickr: Daz71

I’ve been writing a good bit about the intense energies unfolding right now and I want to make sure we don’t lose sight of what they are all about.  They are the impetus for birthing a new species of human, Homo Luminous, that is the new YOU!

 I know many of us are feeling pretty uncomfortable right now and I want to point out that because of the nature of human beings, this is the only way to create the extreme changes that must happen if we are to evolve in to new humans.  Truly, how do you make changes?  Do you change your behavior because you think it is a good idea, you’d be happier or it would be good for you???? Well, you’d like to I am sure. But truth is, most humans change when things are so uncomfortable that change is the only option left.   So that is what is going on right now.  Our soul intention is to become the new human (or we would not be on the planet right now) so spirit, the universe, powers that be, whatever you call it is helping us to achieve our intention.

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